What kind of Graphic Design Services do you offer?
My specialties: Branding, packaging, layout, illustration, logos, print ads & digital ads. 

My favourite projects: Branding with custom illustrations, designing illustrations for packaging such as beer cans or bakery boxes, and work for profits or companies geared towards positive change.

Other projects I'm a firecracker at: Business cards, social media post designs or templates (indesign, illustrator, or Canva,) poster design, signage design, window and vehicle wraps, construction hoarding design, multi page layout documents for print and digital, company name development, copywriting, market positioning, icon design, banner ads, fillable PDF forms, email newsletter headers and graphics, book design and layout, posters, brochures...and more! Just ask!
My dream project for this year: Illustrating a children's book!
Projects I prefer not to do: Slide decks (in either Microsoft powerpoint or google slides,) web design, anything involving formatting or editing a Microsoft word doc (I use adobe software exclusively.)

Do you charge hourly or by the project?
I can do either! For brand projects I typically quote a packaged price with a set number of edits. I have a lovely package with some tiered options for you to choose from. For smaller projects I prefer to give you a quote on how many hours I'm expecting it to take, and I'll keep you updated along the way if I anticipate us exceeding those hours. I am also open to working within your set budget, and creating parameters based on that. I have space for 2-3 retainer clients as well for 2024 if you'd like the experience and output of an "in-house designer." Contact me to ask about rates!
How does your design process work? Why is branding important? Can I just get a logo?
Please click the link to see my handy little PDF that covers some of these important questions. :)
Do you design websites?
I can, but I don't! I spent a number of years with web design within my services list, and discovered that I absolutely hate it. :) I prefer to focus my energy and talents on projects that inspire me, and web design does not fall within that category. However, with the experience I have, I am fully qualified to consult on your web design and make sure it works within the brand we've created. I have a roster of talented web designers I regularly work with that I'm happy to bring on to help with the web design, or I'm open to working with a web designer of your choice and charging a project management/consulting fee. If you'd prefer to manage the site build yourself, the brand guide I create should be enough for a web designer to create a beautiful site for you.  
How do I contact you?
Please reach out via my Contact Page! I reply quickly, and prefer email contact over phone calls. I need written confirmation and a paper trail of everything we discuss, so that I can refer back to our discussion and make sure no details are missed. Please be as thorough as possible in your email. The more details you can send me, along with hopeful timelines, budget (if you have one,) etc, the quicker we can get your project going. Depending on the type of project, I like to schedule a video call once the deposit is paid and we're 100% working together (if a video call is needed.) Often the quick/smaller projects can be completed just through thorough email communication. 
Do you do any last-minute designs or quick-turnaround projects?
I do! If I have the availability, I'm happy to sneak you in when possible. For quick turnaround projects; I may charge a rush fee if I need to push other projects, work overtime, or work weekends to push your project through. 
How long will my designs take?
It varies depending on the type of project (and my availability.) I pride myself on being an efficient designer, so you can expect my full focus on getting your work out the door on a reasonable timeline. For a full branding project, you can typically expect 6-8 weeks from beginning to end (dependent on availability, feedback timelines, and edits required.)
How much do you charge?
I can quote you my hourly rate, a project rate, or work within your budget. Contact me to get a quote!
How does payment work?
For branding projects, larger projects, and new clients, I require a 50% deposit on the project rate or quote before we get started (once we've established that we're a good fit.) The remainder is to be paid at the end of the project on file delivery. I accept payment via e-transfer (preferred,) cheque by mail, bank deposit, or credit card (with a 5% processing fee.) Let me know if you'd like to coordinate an alternative payment method and I can let you know if that's possible. For international clients, I am happy to accept PayPal or Wise transfers. 
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